Welcome to UIF Blog

October 4, 2008

We have created this space to engage with you in conversations. We will be talking with everyone – young and old, left and right.

We are completely apolitical.

Our foundational question to the Jewish people is: Why are we, the Jewish people, still here after 3320 years?

This space is intended to support a dialogue about this question.

We expect the conversation to go in many directions. We will encounter startling discoveries about the current state of Israel. We will hear proposals on how to move forward.

No subject is forbidden. We need to talk about religion, education, history, politics, leadership, governance, and the psychology of why so many Jews are either (a) proud of their Judaism or (b) anxious to keep their Jewish roots, ancestry, or tradition as far as possible from modern life.

We expect that important disagreements, strife, hatred, and the like will appear in this space. That’s good. Let’s get it out on the table. We can’t answer the core question and move forward unless we do.